After determining the theme of the painting, I will deconstruct the main subject into many independent color blocks according to their sequence and design so that the main subject is layered and leveled differently. The dominant large color block is fixed in the center of the system, with many smaller color blocks distributed around it. I paint with repeated and single rhythm to create a tense friction between the color blocks at the edges. As a result of the anxiety caused by the uneven distribution of space among small color blocks squeezing each other for the limited survival space, these intentionally unpolished paint marks and clear compositional lines create a sense of despair over the solidification of the structure. In the midst of the color block game, the large color block is responsible for leading the small color blocks to create a beautiful yet false image. The two obviously form some kind of a harmonious connection while there are huge differences in forms and ideas hidden within the combination.
Instead of using my works to tell a story or convey a message, through the act of creating, I hope to peek through the structure and order of the human world, in order to reflect the dilemmas of survivals that people are facing in present-day society, such as: identity, cultural conflict, international relationship, etc.